Commit 26d04eaf authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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fix bootstrapped build

Change-Id: I8c987e8eed555c9c976732e216553d8002ee2b87
Reviewed-by: default avatarJoerg Bornemann <>
(cherry picked from qttools/d9dc9d34ec092ddc536a907b4f5009fb8bf01da4)
parent 255f9fb3
......@@ -304,8 +304,8 @@ bool QMakeGlobals::initProperties()
return false;
data = proc.readAll();
if (FILE *proc = QT_POPEN(QString(IoUtils::shellQuote(qmake_abslocation) + QLatin1String(" -query"))
.toLocal8Bit(), "r")) {
if (FILE *proc = QT_POPEN(QString(QMakeInternal::IoUtils::shellQuote(qmake_abslocation)
+ QLatin1String(" -query")).toLocal8Bit(), "r")) {
char buff[1024];
while (!feof(proc))
data.append(buff, int(fread(buff, 1, 1023, proc)));
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