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WelcomePage: updating video tutorials

I removed the Qt SDK 1.1 and some other outdated videos.
I added new videos from Qt Developer Days 2011/2012.
I also had to add icons new for Developer Days 2011/2012.

Removed videos:
Qt Creator! Getting the most...
Qt Quick Components
SDK 1.1 videos

New videos:
What's New in QtWebKit in 5.0
Creator 101
Qt 5 Roadmap
QML Coding, Performance and Debugging: Usage of Tools

Qt and Qt Quick
Qt Quick Best Practices and Design Patterns
What’s new in QtQuick 2.0

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<description><![CDATA[This tutorial uses basic elements and illustrates basic concepts of Qt Quick.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick,qml,states,transitions,visual designer,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/components.png" difficulty="" docUrl="qthelp://" projectPath="" name="Qt Quick Components">
<description><![CDATA[This tutorial describes how to use Qt Creator to create a small Qt application, Battery Status, that uses the System Information Mobility API to fetch battery information from the device. ]]></description>
<tags>qt quick,qml,components,symbian,visual designer,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/developing_with_qt_creator.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt SDK 1.1: Developing with Nokia's Qt Creator" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="3:40">
<description><![CDATA[Lauri Jääskelä from Forum Nokia gives you a kick-start with Qt SDK 1.1 and Qt Quick. ]]></description>
<tags>qt sdk,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/qt_sdk.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt SDK 1.1" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="3:31">
<description><![CDATA[Christian D. Kamm, software engineer at Nokia, Qt Development Frameworks, introduces the new features delivered in the Qt SDK 1.1. Christian discusses the capabilities of Qt Quick and the Qt Mobility APIs.]]></description>
<tags>qt sdk,qt creator,qt quick</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/qt_quick_1.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Quick Elements, Part 1" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="5:04">
<description><![CDATA[In this video Nigel Hietala describes how QML Elements are used. Nigel creates a new Qt Quick based application project using Qt SDK, shows how a basic UI is built using elements and is previewed in the Qt Quick viewer.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick,qml,qt sdk,qt creator</tags>
......@@ -41,17 +29,41 @@
<description><![CDATA[All you need to start with Qt Creator - a cross-platform IDE Are you developing cross-platform applications with Qt, but are missing a cross-platform development environment?]]></description>
<tags>qt sdk,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays10.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Quick - Rapid User Interface Prototyping" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:09:53">
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays11.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Quick - Rapid User Interface Prototyping" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="55:47">
<description><![CDATA[Skip Flash & PhotoShop. Go straight to Qt Quick! Creating an application with a great user experience is a challenge. Traditionally a lot of effort goes into upfront design where tools such as Flash or PhotoShop are used to prototype ideas.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick,qml,qt sdk,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays10.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Creator! Getting the Most out" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:16:27">
<description><![CDATA[A quick intro plus hidden wonders! In this session, we will provide a very quick introduction to Qt Creator, then dive into the hidden wonders of this powerful and easy-to-use cross-platform Qt IDE.]]></description>
<tags>qt sdk,qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays10.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Meet Qt Quick" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:08:24">
<description><![CDATA[The fundamental elements behind Qt Quick and how to quickly create fluid, animated user interfaces! Qt Quick is a set of technologies that makes it easier for developers and designers to create modern and attractive UIs.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick, qml</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays11.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="What’s new in QtQuick 2.0" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="46:10">
<description><![CDATA[Qt Quick 1.0 brought a suite of technologies to make it easy for designers and developers to easily create fluid animated interfaces. QtQuick 2.0 takes this further with the introduction of a built-in Scene Graph rendering system and more.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick, qml</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays11.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Quick Best Practices and Design Patterns" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="48:51">
<description><![CDATA[This talk discusses various QML best practices and design patterns for building powerful and scalable Qt Quick applications with QML and C++ code.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick, qml</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays11.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Meet Qt and Qt Quick" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:07:43">
<description><![CDATA[Are you fully aware of all you can really accomplish with Qt and Qt Quick? We’ll take you beyond the benefits of Qt and Qt Quick from a marketing standpoint and dive into the technical aspects of what they are and how they work together.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick, qml</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays12.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="What is New in QtWebKit in 5.0" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:01:55">
<description><![CDATA[The web platform continues to evolve at breakneck speed. With our WebKit port to Qt 5 we are bringing these latest web technologies to the Qt world.]]></description>
<tags>qt, webkit</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays12.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt Creator 101" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="55:38">
<description><![CDATA[The presentation provides a short introduction into Qt Creator, demonstrates targeting different environments from within the IDE and highlights new features found in Qt Creator 2.6.]]></description>
<tags>qt creator</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays12.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="Qt 5 Roadmap" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="1:01:43">
<description><![CDATA[Qt 5.0 is a major step forward for Qt. It includes many new features and forms a great basis for the years to come. The talk gives an overview over these, as well as an outlook towards upcoming Qt release.]]></description>
<tags>qt 5, qt</tags>
<tutorial imageUrl="images/icons/ddays12.png" difficulty="" projectPath="" name="QML Coding, Performance and Debugging: Usage of Tools" isVideo="true" videoUrl="" videoLength="53:52">
<description><![CDATA[The presentation shows the usage of the various QtQuick tools. The Editor provides code navigation, code completion and validation and context help, among other features.]]></description>
<tags>qt quick, qml, qt creator</tags>
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