Commit 289dbab2 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning

TextEditor: Initialize PaintEventData::rightMargin

Change-Id: I64690e594cf20f073ba348f5896a8cf9da5260b8
Reviewed-by: David Schulz's avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent b10f8484
...@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ struct PaintEventData ...@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ struct PaintEventData
QPointF offset; QPointF offset;
const QRect viewportRect; const QRect viewportRect;
const QRect eventRect; const QRect eventRect;
qreal rightMargin; qreal rightMargin = -1;
const QTextDocument *doc; const QTextDocument *doc;
const TextDocumentLayout *documentLayout; const TextDocumentLayout *documentLayout;
const int documentWidth; const int documentWidth;
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