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Doc: running to selected function

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-3674

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......@@ -7390,7 +7390,7 @@
\o Retrieves the contents of local variables.
\o Examines \gui Watchers.
\o Updates the \gui Registers, \gui Modules, and \gui Disassembler
views if you are debugging the C++ language.
views if you are debugging the C++ based applications.
You can use the \gui Debug mode views to examine the data in more detail.
......@@ -7399,10 +7399,12 @@
\o To finish debugging, press \key{Shift+F5}.
\o To finish debugging, press \key{Shift+F5}.
\o To execute a line of code as a whole, press \key{F10}.
\o To step into a function or a subfunction, press \key{F11}.
\o To continue running the program, press \key{F5}.
\o To run to the selected function when you are stepping into a nested
function, press \key{Ctrl+F6}.
......@@ -10343,6 +10345,9 @@
\o Toggle breakpoint
\o F9
\o Run to selected function
\o Ctrl+F6
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