Commit 2bcd2d4d authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller
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EditorManager: Remove wrong warning

The mime type hierarchy is not a tree (e.g. diamond shape inheritence is
ok), so if we traverse a parent hierarchy and encounter a mime type
twice, that is not an indicator for an actual loop / wrong hierarchy.

Change-Id: Ic116deac5a03b9692e2267252598db6d8721f39e
Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <>
parent be1e793c
......@@ -2543,8 +2543,6 @@ static void mimeTypeFactoryLookup(const Utils::MimeType &mimeType,
if (seen.size() != seenSize) // not seen before, so add
qWarning("MimeTypes: Parent hierarchy loop detected for '%s'!", qPrintable(;
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