Commit 2cf01ae4 authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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Debugger: Add "override" modifier.

Fixes an enormous amount of clang warnings.
Also remove the "virtual" keyword from these functions, as per our
coding style.

Change-Id: I4c8a75504e20d8fe827304a9fe362e9b64847b8a
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent c9614cb5
......@@ -78,56 +78,57 @@ public:
// Factory function that returns 0 if the debug engine library cannot be found.
virtual bool canHandleToolTip(const DebuggerToolTipContext &context) const;
virtual DebuggerEngine *cppEngine() { return this; }
virtual void setupEngine();
virtual void setupInferior();
virtual void runEngine();
virtual void shutdownInferior();
virtual void shutdownEngine();
virtual void abortDebugger();
virtual void detachDebugger();
virtual bool hasCapability(unsigned cap) const;
virtual void watchPoint(const QPoint &);
virtual void setRegisterValue(const QByteArray &name, const QString &value);
virtual void executeStep();
virtual void executeStepOut();
virtual void executeNext();
virtual void executeStepI();
virtual void executeNextI();
virtual void continueInferior();
virtual void interruptInferior();
virtual void executeRunToLine(const ContextData &data);
virtual void executeRunToFunction(const QString &functionName);
virtual void executeJumpToLine(const ContextData &data);
virtual void assignValueInDebugger(WatchItem *w, const QString &expr, const QVariant &value);
virtual void executeDebuggerCommand(const QString &command, DebuggerLanguages languages);
virtual void activateFrame(int index);
virtual void selectThread(ThreadId threadId);
virtual bool stateAcceptsBreakpointChanges() const;
virtual bool acceptsBreakpoint(Breakpoint bp) const;
virtual void attemptBreakpointSynchronization();
virtual void fetchDisassembler(DisassemblerAgent *agent);
virtual void fetchMemory(MemoryAgent *, QObject *, quint64 addr, quint64 length);
virtual void changeMemory(Internal::MemoryAgent *, QObject *, quint64 addr, const QByteArray &data);
virtual void reloadModules();
virtual void loadSymbols(const QString &moduleName);
virtual void loadAllSymbols();
virtual void requestModuleSymbols(const QString &moduleName);
virtual void reloadRegisters();
virtual void reloadSourceFiles();
virtual void reloadFullStack();
void loadAdditionalQmlStack();
bool canHandleToolTip(const DebuggerToolTipContext &context) const override;
DebuggerEngine *cppEngine() override { return this; }
void setupEngine() override;
void setupInferior() override;
void runEngine() override;
void shutdownInferior() override;
void shutdownEngine() override;
void abortDebugger() override;
void detachDebugger() override;
bool hasCapability(unsigned cap) const override;
void watchPoint(const QPoint &) override;
void setRegisterValue(const QByteArray &name, const QString &value) override;
void executeStep() override;
void executeStepOut() override;
void executeNext() override;
void executeStepI() override;
void executeNextI() override;
void continueInferior() override;
void interruptInferior() override;
void executeRunToLine(const ContextData &data) override;
void executeRunToFunction(const QString &functionName) override;
void executeJumpToLine(const ContextData &data) override;
void assignValueInDebugger(WatchItem *w, const QString &expr, const QVariant &value) override;
void executeDebuggerCommand(const QString &command, DebuggerLanguages languages) override;
void activateFrame(int index) override;
void selectThread(ThreadId threadId) override;
bool stateAcceptsBreakpointChanges() const override;
bool acceptsBreakpoint(Breakpoint bp) const override;
void attemptBreakpointSynchronization() override;
void fetchDisassembler(DisassemblerAgent *agent) override;
void fetchMemory(MemoryAgent *, QObject *, quint64 addr, quint64 length) override;
void changeMemory(Internal::MemoryAgent *, QObject *, quint64 addr,
const QByteArray &data) override;
void reloadModules() override;
void loadSymbols(const QString &moduleName) override;
void loadAllSymbols() override;
void requestModuleSymbols(const QString &moduleName) override;
void reloadRegisters() override;
void reloadSourceFiles() override;
void reloadFullStack() override;
void loadAdditionalQmlStack() override;
static QString extensionLibraryName(bool is64Bit);
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