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Change-Id: If8f962150493dafe9773c2b653b003917b072fd6
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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ General
plugin manager. Disabling plugins is now only a hint; if another
(enabled) plugin needs it, it is implicitly enabled. Before, the
other plugin was implicitly disabled.
* Improved keyboard shortcut settings. Made shortcut input field
freely editable and added separate `record` button.
* Added support for `~` as shortcut for user's home directory to
path input fields
* Added filtering to About Plugins
......@@ -36,6 +38,8 @@ Editing
* Added option to jump directly to specific column in addition to
line number when opening files through locator or command line
* Added *Remove missing files* action to QRC editor
* Made global file search use multiple threads (QTCREATORBUG-10298)
* Fixed highlighting of current line in read-only text editors
......@@ -68,6 +72,7 @@ Analyzer
QML Profiler
* Removed support for V8
* Made saving and loading trace data asynchronous to avoid
locking up UI (QTCREATORBUG-11822)
......@@ -78,11 +83,16 @@ C++ Support
initializer lists (QTCREATORBUG-14279)
* Fixed expanding items in class view with double-click
* Fixed code folding issues after missing closing braces
QML Support
* Removed Qt Quick 1 wizards
Qt Quick Designer
* Removed Qt Quick 1 support
Version Control Systems
* Perforce
......@@ -92,6 +102,10 @@ FakeVim
* Added support for `C-r{register}`
* Added option to excluding file patterns from parsing
Platform Specific
......@@ -105,11 +119,21 @@ Linux
* Made it possible to create AVD without SD card (QTCREATORBUG-13590)
* Improved handling of invalid names when creating AVD
* Added 5.1 to known versions
* Added warning if emulator is not OpenGL enabled
* Added input field for activity name in Android manifest editor
* Fixed handling of external file changes in Android manifest editor
* Fixed listing of Google AVDs (QTCREATORBUG-13980)
* Fixed that kits were removed from projects when changing NDK path
* Fixed copying application data with spaces in path
* Fixed that sometimes the wrong AVD was deployed to
......@@ -117,6 +141,9 @@ BlackBerry
Remote Linux
* Added support for ECDH key exchange for SSH connections
Credits for these changes go to:
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