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C++: Pimpl ClassOrNamespace

Makes it easier to add features to ClassOrNamespace without rebuilding half of
the project.

Change-Id: I7ac646e8ad08fc8da6f7ed43ff184fb17edbd6b7
Reviewed-by: default avatarNikolai Kosjar <>
parent 29ac9fc6
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......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ struct FullyQualifiedName
: fqn(fqn)
class ClassOrNamespacePrivate;
class Instantiator;
} // namespace Internal;
class CreateBindings;
......@@ -78,8 +80,6 @@ public:
QList<Enum *> unscopedEnums() const;
QList<Symbol *> symbols() const;
ClassOrNamespace *globalNamespace() const;
QList<LookupItem> lookup(const Name *name);
QList<LookupItem> find(const Name *name);
......@@ -88,77 +88,14 @@ public:
ClassOrNamespace *findType(const Name *name);
ClassOrNamespace *findBlock(Block *block);
Symbol *lookupInScope(const QList<const Name *> &fullName);
/// The class this ClassOrNamespace is based on.
Class *rootClass() const { return _rootClass; }
Class *rootClass() const;
typedef std::map<const Name *, ClassOrNamespace *, Name::Compare> Table;
typedef std::map<const TemplateNameId *, ClassOrNamespace *, TemplateNameId::Compare> TemplateNameIdTable;
typedef QHash<const AnonymousNameId *, ClassOrNamespace *> Anonymouses;
/// \internal
void flush();
/// \internal
ClassOrNamespace *findOrCreateType(const Name *name, ClassOrNamespace *origin = 0,
Class *clazz = 0);
ClassOrNamespace *findOrCreateNestedAnonymousType(const AnonymousNameId *anonymousNameId);
void addTodo(Symbol *symbol);
void addSymbol(Symbol *symbol);
void addUnscopedEnum(Enum *e);
void addUsing(ClassOrNamespace *u);
void addNestedType(const Name *alias, ClassOrNamespace *e);
QList<LookupItem> lookup_helper(const Name *name, bool searchInEnclosingScope);
void lookup_helper(const Name *name, ClassOrNamespace *binding,
QList<LookupItem> *result,
QSet<ClassOrNamespace *> *processed);
ClassOrNamespace *lookupType_helper(const Name *name, QSet<ClassOrNamespace *> *processed,
bool searchInEnclosingScope, ClassOrNamespace *origin);
ClassOrNamespace *findBlock_helper(Block *block, QSet<ClassOrNamespace *> *processed,
bool searchInEnclosingScope);
ClassOrNamespace *nestedType(const Name *name, ClassOrNamespace *origin);
ClassOrNamespace *findSpecialization(const TemplateNameId *templId,
const TemplateNameIdTable &specializations);
CreateBindings *_factory;
ClassOrNamespace *_parent;
QList<Symbol *> _symbols;
QList<ClassOrNamespace *> _usings;
Table _classOrNamespaces;
QHash<Block *, ClassOrNamespace *> _blocks;
QList<Enum *> _enums;
QList<Symbol *> _todo;
QSharedPointer<Control> _control;
TemplateNameIdTable _specializations;
QMap<const TemplateNameId *, ClassOrNamespace *> _instantiations;
Anonymouses _anonymouses;
QSet<const AnonymousNameId *> _declaredOrTypedefedAnonymouses;
QHash<Internal::FullyQualifiedName, Symbol *> *_scopeLookupCache;
// it's an instantiation.
ClassOrNamespace *_instantiationOrigin;
AlreadyConsideredClassContainer<Class> _alreadyConsideredClasses;
AlreadyConsideredClassContainer<TemplateNameId> _alreadyConsideredTemplates;
Class *_rootClass;
class Instantiator;
const Name *_name; // For debug
Internal::ClassOrNamespacePrivate *d;
friend class Internal::ClassOrNamespacePrivate;
friend class Internal::Instantiator;
friend class CreateBindings;
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