Commit 33d59283 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Added check to see if the passed path is correct by checking if it contains the file AST.h

parent 5058233b
......@@ -1060,8 +1060,13 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QDir cplusplusDir(files.first());
Snapshot snapshot;
if (!QFileInfo(cplusplusDir, QLatin1String("AST.h")).exists()) {
std::cerr << "Cannot find AST.h in " << qPrintable(cplusplusDir.absolutePath())
<< std::endl;
Snapshot snapshot;
QStringList astDerivedClasses = generateAST_H(snapshot, cplusplusDir);
generateASTFwd_h(snapshot, cplusplusDir, astDerivedClasses);
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