Commit 34a27d1d authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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fix c&p bug: actually use exact evaluation results

parent 49fa40cf
......@@ -1678,7 +1678,7 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::applyEvaluate(bool parseResult, bool async)
// Update existingNodeIte
ProFile *fileExact = includeFilesCumlative.value((*existingIt)->path());
ProFile *fileExact = includeFilesExact.value((*existingIt)->path());
ProFile *fileCumlative = includeFilesCumlative.value((*existingIt)->path());
if (fileExact || fileCumlative) {
static_cast<Qt4PriFileNode *>(*existingIt)->update(fileExact, m_readerExact, fileCumlative, m_readerCumulative);
......@@ -1697,7 +1697,7 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::applyEvaluate(bool parseResult, bool async)
// If we found something to add, do it
if (!nodeToAdd.isEmpty()) {
ProFile *fileExact = includeFilesCumlative.value(nodeToAdd);
ProFile *fileExact = includeFilesExact.value(nodeToAdd);
ProFile *fileCumlative = includeFilesCumlative.value(nodeToAdd);
// Loop preventation, make sure that exact same node is not in our parent chain
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