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Doc: CONFIG += qtc_runnable

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......@@ -45,6 +45,15 @@
parsed .pro files. For more information on how the commands are constructed,
see \l{Starting External Processes}.
\section2 Creating Run Configurations for Subprojects
To prevent \QC from automatically creating run configurations for SUBDIRS
projects, specify the following variable in the .pro file of the SUBDIRS
project: \c {CONFIG += qtc_runnable}.
\QC creates run configurations only for subprojects that also have
\c {CONFIG += qtc_runnable} set in their .pro files.
\include projects/creator-projects-settings-run-desktop.qdocinc
\include projects/creator-projects-settings-run-analyze.qdocinc
\include projects/creator-projects-settings-run-debug.qdocinc
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