Commit 3b918fae authored by Marco Bubke's avatar Marco Bubke
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QmlDesigner: Remove unused variable

Change-Id: I8373ec5834a17f75887b2e70dba8c4c23694c768
Reviewed-by: default avatarTim Jenssen <>
parent 724db926
......@@ -276,7 +276,6 @@ static ItemLibraryEntry itemLibraryEntryFromMimeData(const QMimeData *mimeData)
void DragTool::dragEnterEvent(const QList<QGraphicsItem*> &/*itemList*/, QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent *event)
if (canHandleMimeData(event->mimeData())) {
QList<Import> importToBeAddedList;
m_blockMove = false;
if (hasItemLibraryInfo(event->mimeData())) {
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