Commit 3d4e508d authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm
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QmlJS: Improve error message.

This first line of an error needs to make sense on its own.

Change-Id: Ibf3bce7107e8b3df8fa4d0e75924945027678c63

Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Kamm <>
parent 2a4a56b2
......@@ -222,9 +222,8 @@ void PluginDumper::dumpAllPlugins()
static QString noTypeinfoError(const QString &libraryPath)
return PluginDumper::tr("QML module at:\n"
"does not contain information about components contained in plugins.\n"
return PluginDumper::tr("QML module does not contain information about components contained in plugins\n\n"
"Module path: %1\n"
"See \"Using QML Modules with Plugins\" in the documentation.").arg(
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