Commit 40d18d14 authored by Olli Werwolff's avatar Olli Werwolff
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Fixes: Fixed duplicate check when adding files using resource editor

Task:     238308
RevBy:    -
AutoTest: -
Details:  Only files in unique list are added to the resource file (before file_list was used -> duplicates)
parent 27c77134
......@@ -821,7 +821,7 @@ void ResourceModel::addFiles(int prefixIndex, const QStringList &fileNames, int
const int cnt = m_resource_file.fileCount(prefix_idx);
beginInsertRows(prefix_model_idx, cnt, cnt + unique_list.count() - 1); // ### FIXME
foreach (QString file, file_list)
foreach (QString file, unique_list)
m_resource_file.addFile(prefix_idx, file);
const QFileInfo fi(file_list.last());
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