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Doc: using modifiers for snippet variable values

You can use the :c, :l, and :u modifiers to convert the
case of variable values.

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Use unique variable names within a snippet, because all instances of a
variable are renamed when you specify a value for it.
To determine the case of values you enter in snippets, use the following
\li \c {:c} converts the initial letter of the string to upper case
\li \c {:l} converts the string to lower case
\li \c {:u} converts the string to upper case
For example, add the following line to the \c class snippet to specify that
the function name is converted to all lower case characters regardless of
how you specify the value of the \c{$name$} variable:
void $name:l$() {}
\image qtcreator-snippet-modifiers.png
The snippet editor does not check the syntax of the snippets that you edit
or add. However, when you use the snippets, the code editor marks any
errors by underlining them in red.
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