Commit 4631da97 authored by Lukas Holecek's avatar Lukas Holecek Committed by hjk
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FakeVim: Allow to use "i<C-O>v"

Change-Id: Ibd669a8ac75734b18b41066255a43ee8bda19743
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent f4ffaaa2
......@@ -748,6 +748,8 @@ void FakeVimPlugin::test_vim_insert()
KEYS("i<c-o>0x", "abc" N "x" X "def");
data.setText("abc" N "de" X "f");
KEYS("i<c-o>ggx", "x" X "abc" N "def");
data.setText("abc" N "def" N "ghi");
KEYS("i<c-o>vjlolx", "a" X "f" N "ghi");
// <INSERT> to toggle between insert and replace mode
data.setText("abc" N "def");
......@@ -3492,7 +3492,9 @@ void FakeVimHandler::Private::finishMovement(const QString &dotCommandMovement)
void FakeVimHandler::Private::leaveCurrentMode()
if (g.returnToMode == CommandMode)
if (isVisualMode())
else if (g.returnToMode == CommandMode)
else if (g.returnToMode == InsertMode)
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