Commit 476eb8f7 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Remove workaround for GDB 6.8.50

Not supported anymore anyway, and gets in the way of the
refactoring for the LLDB backend. Might even save cycles.

Change-Id: I3fbffd1818ed044974e321078d46e5d3b592fa6b
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent e59ad83d
......@@ -1768,28 +1768,14 @@ class Dumper:
#warn("INAME: %s " % self.currentIName)
#warn("INAMES: %s " % self.expandedINames)
#warn("EXPANDED: %s " % (self.currentIName in self.expandedINames))
fields = extractFields(type)
#fields = type.fields()
numfields = len(extractFields(type))
self.tryPutObjectNameValue(value) # Is this too expensive?
if False:
numfields = 0
for field in fields:
bitpos = getattr(field, "bitpos", None)
if not bitpos is None:
numfields = len(fields)
if self.currentIName in self.expandedINames:
innerType = None
if len(fields) == 1 and fields[0].name is None:
innerType =
with Children(self, 1, childType=innerType):
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