Commit 47f683f4 authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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Android Create AVD Dialog: Simpler code

Change-Id: I953ff641f46caedc47551298dd1fedb62008ee92
Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Teske <>
parent 4b9fa4f0
......@@ -453,9 +453,8 @@ bool AndroidConfigurations::createAVD(int minApiLevel) const
QDialog d;
Ui::AddNewAVDDialog avdDialog;
QStringListModel model(sdkTargets(minApiLevel));
if (!model.rowCount()) {
if (!avdDialog.targetComboBox->count()) {
QMessageBox::critical(0, tr("Error Creating AVD"),
tr("Cannot create a new AVD. No sufficiently recent Android SDK available.\n"
"Please install an SDK of at least API version %1.").
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