Commit 4d18710f authored by Francois Ferrand's avatar Francois Ferrand Committed by Nikolai Kosjar
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C++: fix handling of empty va_args macro arguments.

Preprocessor did not correctly handle when variadic macro arguments were not
provided at all, if there were other arguments: macro was not expanded
in case only the non variadic arguments were given.

 #define MACRO(...)       used to work fine for 0 or more arguments.
 #define MACRO(ARG0, ...) used to work only for 2 or more arguments, now fixed.

Change-Id: I64e9199ceccae05618a49931c2adad8e4f9471ba
Reviewed-by: default avatarNikolai Kosjar <>
parent feeff29f
......@@ -945,6 +945,8 @@ bool Preprocessor::handleIdentifier(PPToken *tk)
bool hasMatchingArgs = false;
if (hasArgs) {
const int expectedArgCount = macro->formals().size();
if (macro->isVariadic() && allArgTks.size() == expectedArgCount - 1)
const int actualArgCount = allArgTks.size();
if (expectedArgCount == actualArgCount
|| (macro->isVariadic() && actualArgCount > expectedArgCount - 1)
......@@ -317,6 +317,7 @@ private:
private slots:
void va_args();
void named_va_args();
void extra_va_args();
void defined();
void defined_data();
void empty_macro_args();
......@@ -413,6 +414,23 @@ void tst_Preprocessor::named_va_args()
QCOMPARE(simplified(preprocessed), QString("int f();int f(int a);int f(int a,int b);"));
void tst_Preprocessor::extra_va_args()
Client *client = 0; // no client.
Environment env;
Preprocessor preprocess(client, &env);
QByteArray preprocessed ="<stdin>"),
"#define foo(ret, ...) ret f(__VA_ARGS__);\n"
"\nfoo(float,int b)\n"
"\nfoo(long,int b,int c)\n",
true, false);
preprocessed = preprocessed.simplified();
QCOMPARE(simplified(preprocessed), QString("int f();float f(int b);long f(int b,int c);"));
void tst_Preprocessor::empty_macro_args()
Client *client = 0; // no client.
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