Commit 4d7c010a authored by Daniel Teske's avatar Daniel Teske
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FlatModel: Sort file nodes according to displaname first

So far the filename and displayname was the same for all filenodes. That
changes with the ResourceNodes, so adjust the flatmodel.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-11590

Change-Id: Id5a7ecda8963b64a6ebccc589b38f428366da3fd
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 56ae18e5
......@@ -136,13 +136,17 @@ bool sortNodes(Node *n1, Node *n2)
// must be file nodes
int result = caseFriendlyCompare(n1->displayName(), n2->displayName());
if (result != 0)
return result < 0;
const QString filePath1 = n1->path();
const QString filePath2 = n2->path();
const QString fileName1 = QFileInfo(filePath1).fileName();
const QString fileName2 = QFileInfo(filePath2).fileName();
int result = caseFriendlyCompare(fileName1, fileName2);
result = caseFriendlyCompare(fileName1, fileName2);
if (result != 0) {
return result < 0; // sort by filename
} else {
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