Commit 4ffc1a2f authored by Petar Perisin's avatar Petar Perisin Committed by Tobias Hunger
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Git: Custom gitk launch

Launch gitk only for current file,
or for the folder that current file belongs to

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-8327

Change-Id: I2ffbd44e3b3eeaffad32e84af9ca2085b16fdaa2
Reviewed-by: default avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 221cfbfa
......@@ -1689,18 +1689,18 @@ QStringList GitClient::synchronousRepositoryBranches(const QString &repositoryUR
return branches;
void GitClient::launchGitK(const QString &workingDirectory)
void GitClient::launchGitK(const QString &workingDirectory, const QString &fileName)
const QFileInfo binaryInfo(gitBinaryPath());
QDir foundBinDir(binaryInfo.dir());
const bool foundBinDirIsCmdDir = foundBinDir.dirName() == QLatin1String("cmd");
QProcessEnvironment env = processEnvironment();
if (tryLauchingGitK(env, workingDirectory, foundBinDir.path(), foundBinDirIsCmdDir))
if (tryLauchingGitK(env, workingDirectory, fileName, foundBinDir.path(), foundBinDirIsCmdDir))
if (!foundBinDirIsCmdDir)
tryLauchingGitK(env, workingDirectory, foundBinDir.path() + QLatin1String("/bin"), false);
tryLauchingGitK(env, workingDirectory, fileName, foundBinDir.path() + QLatin1String("/bin"), false);
void GitClient::launchRepositoryBrowser(const QString &workingDirectory)
......@@ -1712,6 +1712,7 @@ void GitClient::launchRepositoryBrowser(const QString &workingDirectory)
bool GitClient::tryLauchingGitK(const QProcessEnvironment &env,
const QString &workingDirectory,
const QString &fileName,
const QString &gitBinDirectory,
bool silent)
......@@ -1729,6 +1730,8 @@ bool GitClient::tryLauchingGitK(const QProcessEnvironment &env,
const QString gitkOpts = settings()->stringValue(GitSettings::gitkOptionsKey);
if (!gitkOpts.isEmpty())
if (!fileName.isEmpty())
arguments << QLatin1String("--") << fileName;
outwin->appendCommand(workingDirectory, binary, arguments);
// This should always use QProcess::startDetached (as not to kill
// the child), but that does not have an environment parameter.
......@@ -214,7 +214,9 @@ public:
QString *output = 0,
QString *errorMessage = 0);
void launchGitK(const QString &workingDirectory);
void launchGitK(const QString &workingDirectory, const QString &fileName);
void launchGitK(const QString &workingDirectory) { launchGitK(workingDirectory, QString()); }
void launchRepositoryBrowser(const QString &workingDirectory);
QStringList synchronousRepositoryBranches(const QString &repositoryURL);
......@@ -291,6 +293,7 @@ private:
void handleMergeConflicts(const QString &workingDir, bool rebase);
bool tryLauchingGitK(const QProcessEnvironment &env,
const QString &workingDirectory,
const QString &fileName,
const QString &gitBinDirectory,
bool silent);
bool cleanList(const QString &workingDirectory, const QString &flag, QStringList *files, QString *errorMessage);
......@@ -545,6 +545,19 @@ bool GitPlugin::initialize(const QStringList &arguments, QString *errorMessage)
tr("Gitk"), Core::Id("Git.LaunchGitK"),
globalcontext, true, &GitClient::launchGitK);
= createFileAction(gitToolsMenu,
tr("Gitk Current File"), tr("Gitk of \"%1\""),
Core::Id("Git.GitkFile"), globalcontext, true, SLOT(gitkForCurrentFile()));
= createFileAction(gitToolsMenu,
tr("Gitk for folder of Current File"), tr("Gitk for folder of \"%1\""),
Core::Id("Git.GitkFolder"), globalcontext, true, SLOT(gitkForCurrentFolder()));
// --------------
= createRepositoryAction(gitToolsMenu,
tr("Repository Browser"), Core::Id("Git.LaunchRepositoryBrowser"),
......@@ -698,6 +711,43 @@ void GitPlugin::unstageFile()
m_gitClient->synchronousReset(state.currentFileTopLevel(), QStringList(state.relativeCurrentFile()));
void GitPlugin::gitkForCurrentFile()
const VcsBase::VcsBasePluginState state = currentState();
QTC_ASSERT(state.hasFile(), return);
m_gitClient->launchGitK(state.currentFileTopLevel(), state.relativeCurrentFile());
void GitPlugin::gitkForCurrentFolder()
const VcsBase::VcsBasePluginState state = currentState();
QTC_ASSERT(state.hasFile(), return);
* entire lower part of the code can be easily replaced with one line:
* m_gitClient->launchGitK(dir.currentFileDirectory(), QLatin1String("."));
* However, there is a bug in gitk in version, and if you run above
* command, there will be no documents listed in lower right section.
* This is why I use lower combination in order to avoid this problems in gitk.
* Git version does not have this issue, and it can easily use
* one line command mentioned above.
QDir dir(state.currentFileDirectory());
if (QFileInfo(dir,QLatin1String(".git")).exists() ||".git")))
else {
QString folderName = dir.absolutePath();
folderName = folderName.remove(0, dir.absolutePath().length() + 1);
m_gitClient->launchGitK(dir.absolutePath(), folderName);
void GitPlugin::startAmendCommit()
......@@ -115,6 +115,8 @@ private slots:
void resetRepository();
void stageFile();
void unstageFile();
void gitkForCurrentFile();
void gitkForCurrentFolder();
void cleanProject();
void cleanRepository();
void applyCurrentFilePatch();
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