Commit 5193cef3 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Remove dead code

parent 3cc8f2f9
......@@ -1381,11 +1381,6 @@ void QtVersion::updateToolChainAndMkspec() const
// we should try to do a better job, but for now that's good enough
ProjectExplorer::Environment env = ProjectExplorer::Environment::systemEnvironment();
if (qmakeCXX.isEmpty()) {
// macx-xcode mkspec resets the value of QMAKE_CXX.
// Unfortunately, we need a valid QMAKE_CXX to configure the parser.
qmakeCXX = QLatin1String("cc");
qmakeCXX = env.searchInPath(qmakeCXX);
m_toolChains << ToolChainPtr(ProjectExplorer::ToolChain::createGccToolChain(qmakeCXX));
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