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Utils: Remove some unused SavedAction members

Looks like the orginal users in the debugger views context menus
prefer to create their entries on the fly nowadays.

Change-Id: Ice3ba358b0d746e03e64c3c8b872c69c18bcaba3
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 389acf55
......@@ -173,16 +173,6 @@ void SavedAction::setSettingsGroup(const QString &group)
m_settingsGroup = group;
QString SavedAction::textPattern() const
return m_textPattern;
void SavedAction::setTextPattern(const QString &value)
m_textPattern = value;
QString SavedAction::toString() const
return QLatin1String("value: ") + m_value.toString()
......@@ -191,40 +181,6 @@ QString SavedAction::toString() const
+ QLatin1Char('/') + m_settingsKey;
Adjust the \c text() of the underlying action.
This can be used to update the item shortly before e.g. a menu is shown.
If the item's \c textPattern() is empty the \a text will be used
Otherwise, the behaviour depends on \a text: if it is non-empty,
\c QString(textPattern()).arg(text), otherwise, \c textPattern()
with the "%1" placeholder removed will be used.
\sa textPattern(), setTextPattern()
QAction *SavedAction::updatedAction(const QString &text0)
QString text = text0;
bool enabled = true;
if (!m_textPattern.isEmpty()) {
if (text.isEmpty()) {
text = m_textPattern;
enabled = false;
} else {
text = m_textPattern.arg(text0);
return this;
Uses \c settingsGroup() and \c settingsKey() to restore the
item from \a settings,
......@@ -56,7 +56,6 @@ public:
QVariant defaultValue() const;
Q_SLOT void setDefaultValue(const QVariant &value);
QAction *updatedAction(const QString &newText);
Q_SLOT void trigger(const QVariant &data);
// used for persistency
......@@ -74,9 +73,6 @@ public:
void disconnectWidget();
Q_SLOT void apply(QSettings *settings);
QString textPattern() const;
Q_SLOT void setTextPattern(const QString &value);
QString toString() const;
......@@ -96,8 +92,6 @@ private:
QVariant m_defaultValue;
QString m_settingsKey;
QString m_settingsGroup;
QString m_textPattern;
QString m_textData;
QWidget *m_widget;
ApplyMode m_applyMode;
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