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Doc: Specifying QML Profiler settings

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data, select \uicontrol {Load QML Trace}. You can also deliver the saved data to
other developers for examination or load data saved by them.
\section1 Specifying Flushing Settings
You can specify flushing settings for the QML Profiler either globally for
all projects or separately for each project. To specify global settings,
select \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options > \uicontrol Analyzer.
To specify custom QML Profiler settings for a particular project, select
\uicontrol Projects and then select \uicontrol Custom in \uicontrol
{QML Profiler Settings}. To restore the global settings for the project,
select \uicontrol {Restore Global}.
\image qml-profiler-settings.png "QML Profiler Settings"
Select the \uicontrol {Flush data while profiling} check box to flush the
data periodically instead of flushing all data when profiling stops. This
saves memory on the target device and shortens the wait between the
profiling being stopped and the data being displayed.
In the \uicontrol {Flush interval} field, set the flush interval in
milliseconds. The shorter the interval, the more often the data is flushed.
The longer the interval, the more data has to be buffered in the target
application, potentially wasting memory. However, the flushing itself takes
time, which can distort the profiling results.
\section1 Attaching to Running Qt Quick Applications
To profile Qt Quick applications that are not launched by \QC, select
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