Commit 530ebc4b authored by Orgad Shaneh's avatar Orgad Shaneh Committed by Christian Kandeler
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Ssh: Support older servers

Change-Id: I686fad0996f53d4904f5ac9a5b9a0f4393b50d9f
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Kandeler <>
parent f048e6f4
......@@ -390,12 +390,15 @@ void SshConnectionPrivate::handleServerId()
// TODO: Remove #if on 2.7
#if 0
// Disable this check to accept older OpenSSH servers that do this wrong.
if (serverProtoVersion == QLatin1String("2.0") && !hasCarriageReturn) {
"Identification string is invalid.",
tr("Server identification string is invalid (missing carriage return)."));
if (serverProtoVersion == QLatin1String("1.99") && m_serverHasSentDataBeforeId) {
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