Commit 55b7759a authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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Tests.QmlDesigner: fix loadEmptyCoreModel()

Attaching more then one rewriter is not a good idea.

Change-Id: I3ec000836dc21029b43003c4636927086f267d10
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarco Bubke <>
parent 7b3b3ada
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ void tst_TestCore::loadEmptyCoreModel()
NotIndentingTextEditModifier modifier1(&textEdit1);
QScopedPointer<Model> model1(createModel("QtQuick.Item"));
QScopedPointer<Model> model1(Model::create("QtQuick.Item"));
QScopedPointer<TestRewriterView> testRewriterView1(new TestRewriterView());
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