Commit 566b312c authored by Olli Werwolff's avatar Olli Werwolff
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Fixes: "Add anyway" button must not be shown, when a resource file shall be...

Fixes:    "Add anyway" button must not be shown, when a resource file shall be added and it is not located in the (sub-)directory of the qrc-file

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RevBy:    thorbjorn
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parent 86b6d571
......@@ -225,7 +225,6 @@ void QrcEditor::resolveLocationIssues(QStringList &files)
QMessageBox message(this);
message.setWindowTitle(tr("Invalid file"));
QPushButton * const continueButton = message.addButton(tr("Add anyway"), QMessageBox::AcceptRole);
QPushButton * const copyButton = message.addButton(tr("Copy"), QMessageBox::ActionRole);
QPushButton * const skipButton = message.addButton(tr("Don't add"), QMessageBox::DestructiveRole);
QPushButton * const abortButton = message.addButton(tr("Abort"), QMessageBox::RejectRole);
......@@ -234,9 +233,7 @@ void QrcEditor::resolveLocationIssues(QStringList &files)
message.setText(tr("The file %1 is not in a subdirectory of the resource file. Continuing will result in an invalid resource file.")
if (message.clickedButton() == continueButton) {
} else if (message.clickedButton() == skipButton) {
if (message.clickedButton() == skipButton) {
i--; // Compensate i++
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