Commit 57823631 authored by Ulf Hermann's avatar Ulf Hermann
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QmlDebug: rename some scene graph events for more generality

They'll be used outside the windows render loop, too.

Change-Id: Iee2682c5ea3b38573cd8611d64cb3ec3b65f4d09
Task-number: QTBUG-39876
Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
parent 092627f6
...@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ enum SceneGraphFrameType { ...@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ enum SceneGraphFrameType {
SceneGraphPolishAndSync, SceneGraphPolishAndSync,
SceneGraphWindowsRenderShow, SceneGraphWindowsRenderShow,
SceneGraphWindowsAnimations, SceneGraphWindowsAnimations,
SceneGraphWindowsPolishFrame, SceneGraphPolishFrame,
MaximumSceneGraphFrameType MaximumSceneGraphFrameType
}; };
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