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Changelog: Document recent C++ changes

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......@@ -84,6 +84,19 @@ C++ Support
* Fixed expanding items in class view with double-click
* Fixed code folding issues after missing closing braces
* Fixed resolving of decltype (QTCREATORBUG-14483)
* Fixed resolving of template using alias
For example: `template<class T> using U = Temp<T>` (QTCREATORBUG-14480)
* Fixed some issues related to template lookup (QTCREATORBUG-14141,
* Fixed resolving of partial and full template specialization (QTCREATORBUG-14034)
* Partially fixed STL containers (QTCREATORBUG-8937, QTCREATORBUG-8922)
* GCC implementation of `std::map`, `std::unique_ptr` (and other pointer wrappers)
and `std::vector` are known to work
* Known limitations:
* MSVC implementation is not supported
* types that contain a typedef for `pointer` are not supported
(For example: `std::unique_ptr<std::string>`)
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