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Doc: add FSF GDB to the table that summarizes debugger support

Also add download link.

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......@@ -8014,9 +8014,8 @@
\section1 Supported Native Debugger Versions
The debugger plugin supports different builds of the GDB debugger, both
with and without the ability to use Python scripting. The Python enabled
versions are preferred, but they are not available on Mac and on older
versions of Linux.
with and without the ability to use Python scripting. Use a Python enabled
version if one is available.
On Windows, Symbian, Maemo, and MeeGo Harmattan, only the Python version is
......@@ -8053,11 +8052,17 @@
\o Yes
\o Plain, Terminal, Attach, Remote, Core
\o Mac OS
\o Mac OS/GDB
\o GCC
\o GDB
\o No
\o Plain, Terminal, Attach, Core
\o Mac OS/FSF GDB (experimental)
\o GCC
\o Yes
\o Plain, Terminal, Attach, Core
\o Windows/MinGW
\o GCC
......@@ -8198,6 +8203,9 @@
{Mac OS X Debugging Magic}.
You can download an experimental version of FSF GDB that
supports Python from
To use FSF GDB on Mac OS, you must sign it and add it to the Qt
Creator tool chains. For more information, see
\l{Setting up FSF GDB for Mac OS}.
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