Commit 5c756cb2 authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller

README: Add statement about web engine based help viewer

Even though it is stating an obvious prerequisite, it might help
people to realize that the web engine based backend exists.

Change-Id: I8d43d8a0fd7786de050b67d1438fefa3b95ec7df
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Reviewed-by: Riitta-Leena Miettinen's avatarLeena Miettinen <>
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......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ macOS 10.8 or later
* Qt 5.6.0 or later
* Qt WebEngine module for QtWebEngine based help viewer
* On Windows:
* ActiveState Active Perl
* MinGW with g++ 4.8 or Visual Studio 2015 or later
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