Commit 5d11453c authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Fixed relative include paths specified for the generic project

We forgot to convert them to absolute. Also removed two calls to
removeDuplicates, since the convertToAbsoluteFiles already does that.

Reviewed-by: Roberto Raggi
parent fa3ea57e
......@@ -171,14 +171,11 @@ static QStringList readLines(const QString &absoluteFileName)
void GenericProject::parseProject(RefreshOptions options)
if (options & Files) {
if (options & Files)
m_files = convertToAbsoluteFiles(readLines(filesFileName()));
if (options & Configuration) {
m_projectIncludePaths = readLines(includesFileName());
m_projectIncludePaths = convertToAbsoluteFiles(readLines(includesFileName()));
QSettings projectInfo(m_fileName, QSettings::IniFormat);
m_generated = convertToAbsoluteFiles(projectInfo.value(QLatin1String("generated")).toStringList());
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