Commit 5d34676f authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler Committed by Christian Kandeler

qbs build: Remove "-s" from linker flags

It is unclear why this was added, the qmake build does not have it
either, and it breaks linking on some versions of macOS.

Change-Id: I878273e072808416a12cf5c973f2ceacde549f74
Reviewed-by: Jake Petroules's avatarJake Petroules <>
parent f6341410
......@@ -21,12 +21,6 @@ Product {
cpp.cxxLanguageVersion: "c++11"
cpp.defines: qtc.generalDefines
cpp.linkerFlags: {
var flags = [];
if (qbs.buildVariant == "release" && (qbs.toolchain.contains("gcc") || qbs.toolchain.contains("mingw")))
return flags;
cpp.minimumOsxVersion: "10.7"
cpp.minimumWindowsVersion: qbs.architecture === "x86" ? "5.1" : "5.2"
cpp.useCxxPrecompiledHeader: useNonGuiPchFile || useGuiPchFile
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