Commit 5e428569 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Fix bug in selectBuildConfig()

Function did not wait when configName did not
change, even when the active kit did change.

Change-Id: Ia0954ee7da45864aefe88ad1919124c065af2ac1
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 9c2923b0
......@@ -184,8 +184,8 @@ def iterateBuildConfigs(kitCount, filter = ""):
def selectBuildConfig(targetCount, currentTarget, configName):
switchToBuildOrRunSettingsFor(targetCount, currentTarget, ProjectSettings.BUILD)
if selectFromCombo(":scrollArea.Edit build configuration:_QComboBox", configName):
selectFromCombo(":scrollArea.Edit build configuration:_QComboBox", configName)
return getQtInformationForBuildSettings(targetCount, True, ViewConstants.EDIT)
# This will not trigger a rebuild. If needed, caller has to do this.
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