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Doc: directly interacting with native debuggers

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\note The set of watched items is saved in your session.
\section1 Debugging the C++ Language
\section1 Directly Interacting with Native Debuggers
In some cases, it is convenient to directly interact with the command
line of the native debugger. In Qt Creator, you can use the left
pane of the \gui {Debugger Log} view for that purpose. When you press
\key {Ctrl+Return}, the contents of the line under the text cursor
are sent directly to the native debugger. Alternatively, you
can use the line edit at the bottom of the view. Output is displayed in the
right pane of the \gui {Debugger Log} view.
\note Usually, you do not need this feature, because Qt Creator provides
you with better ways to handle the task. For example, instead of using the
gdb \c print command from the command line, you can create a watcher item
in the \gui{Locals and Watchers} view and examine the expression there.
\section1 Debugging C++ Based Applications
The following sections describe additional debugging functions that apply
only to debugging C++.
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