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Doc: Using pattern substitution when expanding variables

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(\uicontrol {Variables}) button in a field to select from a list of variables that
are available in a particular context.
\QC uses pattern substitution when expanding variable names. To replace the
first match of \e pattern within \e variable with \e replacement, use:
To replace all matches of \e pattern within \e variable with \e replacement,
The pattern can be a regular expression and the replacement can contain
backreferences. For example, if \c %{variable} is \c my123var, then
\c %{variable/(..)(\d+)/\2\1} is expanded to \c {123myvar}.
To use the default value if the variable is not set, use:
\section1 Build Steps
The build system of \QC is built on qmake and make. In \uicontrol{Build Steps} you
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