Commit 609b4170 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Show guts of QString::Data when requested

If people already decide to drill into QString they are likely
to want to be able to drill into QString::Data, too.

Change-Id: I90cf1bd9b7bed66805fc7493cf1595d27ef3b129
Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen's avatarOswald Buddenhagen <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent ff21d346
......@@ -75,10 +75,7 @@ def qdump__QArrayData(d, value):
d.check(alloc == 0 or (0 <= size and size <= alloc and alloc <= 100000000))
d.putValue(d.readMemory(data, size), 'latin1')
if d.isExpanded():
with Children(d):
d.putIntItem('size', size)
d.putIntItem('alloc', alloc)
def qdump__QByteArrayData(d, value):
qdump__QArrayData(d, value)
......@@ -1369,8 +1366,9 @@ def qdump__QStringData(d, value):
(ref, size, alloc, pad, offset) = value.split('III@p')
elided, shown = d.computeLimit(size, d.displayStringLimit)
data = d.readMemory(value.address() + offset, shown * 2)
d.putValue(data, 'utf16', elided=elided)
def qdump__QHashedString(d, value):
qdump__QString(d, value)
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