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Debugger: Be more verbose about unhandled breakpoints

Especially for mixed debugging getting the ID explicitly
gives hints which part of the combined engine fails.

Change-Id: Iab4b54d6e9fb8d4afd3df0855861511bc06454c1
Reviewed-by: default avatarFriedemann Kleint <>
parent 5d1bc385
...@@ -193,26 +193,28 @@ void DebuggerRunControl::start() ...@@ -193,26 +193,28 @@ void DebuggerRunControl::start()
} }
if (d->m_engine->startParameters().startMode == StartInternal) { if (d->m_engine->startParameters().startMode == StartInternal) {
QStringList unhandledIds;
foreach (const BreakpointModelId &id, debuggerCore()->breakHandler()->allBreakpointIds()) { foreach (const BreakpointModelId &id, debuggerCore()->breakHandler()->allBreakpointIds()) {
if (d->m_engine->breakHandler()->breakpointData(id).enabled if (d->m_engine->breakHandler()->breakpointData(id).enabled
&& !d->m_engine->acceptsBreakpoint(id)) { && !d->m_engine->acceptsBreakpoint(id))
if (!unhandledIds.isEmpty()) {
QString warningMessage = QString warningMessage =
DebuggerPlugin::tr("Some breakpoints cannot be handled by the debugger " DebuggerPlugin::tr("Some breakpoints cannot be handled by the debugger "
"languages currently active, and will be ignored."); "languages currently active, and will be ignored.\n"
"Affected are breakpoints %1")
.arg(unhandledIds.join(QLatin1String(", ")));
debuggerCore()->showMessage(warningMessage, LogWarning); debuggerCore()->showMessage(warningMessage, LogWarning);
static bool checked = true; static bool checked = true;
if (!checked) if (checked)
CheckableMessageBox::information(Core::ICore::mainWindow(), CheckableMessageBox::information(Core::ICore::mainWindow(),
tr("Debugger"), tr("Debugger"),
warningMessage, warningMessage,
tr("&Show this message again."), tr("&Show this message again."),
&checked, QDialogButtonBox::Ok); &checked, QDialogButtonBox::Ok);
} }
} }
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