Commit 65592579 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: replace the hack to pass the remote executable name for trk by

one that's less hard-coded.

The remote executable is now read from the debugger argument list
parent f0a30f4a
......@@ -1404,10 +1404,10 @@ void TrkGdbAdapter::startAdapter()
m_remoteExecutable = parameters.executable;
m_symbolFile = parameters.symbolFileName;
// @todo: testing hack, remove!
// FIXME: testing hack, remove!
if (m_remoteExecutable.endsWith(_(".sym"))) {
m_symbolFile = m_remoteExecutable;
m_remoteExecutable = QLatin1String("C:\\sys\\bin\\filebrowseapp.exe");
m_remoteExecutable = parameters.processArgs.join(_(" "));
// Start
QTC_ASSERT(state() == EngineStarting, qDebug() << state());
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