Commit 6bc0da69 authored by's avatar Committed by dt

Fixes: Fix crash on windows while loading

Task:     Reported by eskil on irc.
parent f8def2e2
......@@ -883,12 +883,12 @@ QStringList Qt4ProFileNode::subDirsPaths(ProFileReader *reader) const
QString realFile;
const QString subDirKey = subDirVar + QLatin1String(".subdir");
if (reader->contains(subDirKey))
realDir = reader->value(subDirKey);
realDir = QFileInfo(reader->value(subDirKey)).filePath();
realDir = subDirVar;
QFileInfo info(realDir);
if (!info.isAbsolute())
realDir = QString("%1/%2").arg(m_projectDir, realDir);
realDir = m_projectDir + "/" + realDir;
// QBuild only uses project files named, and subdirs are implied
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