Commit 6d0c167b authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger

Squish: Update language test

Danish and Ukrainian had been added a while ago, so add them to the
list of languages to check.

Change-Id: I92c507e3a567efa39d7295559af0fb16bbcd1bb6
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent 8e3efd92
"language" "File" "Exit" "ISO"
"Czech (CzechRepublic)" "Soubor" "Ukončit" "cs_CZ"
"Danish (Denmark)" "Fil" "Afslut" "da_DK"
"German (Germany)" "Datei" "Beenden" "de_DE"
"French (France)" "Fichier" "Quitter" "fr_FR"
"Japanese (Japan)" "ファイル(F)" "終了(X)" "ja_JP"
"Polish (Poland)" "Plik" "Zakończ" "pl_PL"
"Russian (%1)" "Файл" "Выход" "ru_RU"
"Slovenian (Slovenia)" "Datoteka" "Končaj" "sl_SL"
"Ukrainian (Ukraine)" "Файл" "Вийти" "uk_UA"
"Chinese (China)" "文件(F)" "退出(X)" "zh_CN"
"Chinese (Taiwan)" "檔案(F)" "離開(X)" "zh_TW"
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