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Qt Creator version 2.6.2 is a bugfix release.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v2.6.1..v2.6.2
* Fixed Qt version in VersionDialog
* Improved kits set up (QTCREATORBUG-8576, QTCREATORBUG-8081)
* Fixed editing of kits sysroot and mkspec (QTCREATORBUG-8586)
* Fixed excessive emission of change signals from KitManager
* Fixed display of Visual Studio compiler installations
* Fixed integrity of device settings when closing option page
* Fixed update of examples when default kit changes
* Fixed crash when closing some editors while tooltip is active
* Fixed warning about empty file in memory editor
Managing Projects
* Added check if file is readable when determining its ABI
* Fixed warning about running processes with empty environment
QMake Projects
* Fixed display of directories in warnings (QTCREATORBUG-8585)
* Added QMAKE_INCDIR to headers search paths
CMake Projects
* Sped up disassembly retrieval
* Updated documentation of command-line arguments
* Fixed visibility of Debugging Helper Dialog (QTCREATORBUG-8440)
C++ Support
* Fixed invalid common prefix calculation which led to freezes
QML/JS Support
* Fixed Qt version in qmlobserver
GLSL Support
Qt Designer
Qt Quick Designer
* Fixed some parts of the tutorial
Version control plugins
* Fixed focus on Check Out dialog
Platform Specific
Remote Linux Support
* Documented deployment settings for generic Linux devices
* Fixed log output
* Fixed update of path chooser model when browsing finishes
* Fixed saving of changes to BlackBerry deploy information
* Fixed QML_IMPORT_PATH setting in shipped bar-descriptor.xml files
* Fixed crash when pressing stop button
* Fixed pasting of .cpp files
* Enabled squish tests with MSVC again
* Fixed some squish tests
* Added test for QML outline
* Fixed addQt test in SDKTool
* Fixed creation of group/world readable files in SDKTool
* Fixed leak in zeroconf
* Use x86 instead of i386 for file names
Credits for these changes go to:
Aurindam Jana
BogDan Vatra
Christian Stenger
Daniel Teske
David Schulz
Eike Ziller
Erik Verbruggen
Friedemann Kleint
André Pönitz
Leena Miettinen
Mehdi Fekari
Montel Laurent
Orgad Shaneh
Robert Loehning
Sergey Belyashov
Tobias Hunger
Tobias Nätterlund
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