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for the device using RVCT, select the tool chain in the \gui{General}
section for your build configurations.
If you need to sign your symbian application with a specific certificate
(in contrast to a self-signed build), you need to specify that in the
\gui{Create sis Package} step in your build configurations.
\section2 Creating Installation Packages
When you build the application for the \gui{Symbian Device} target, Qt
Creator automatically generates a Symbian installation system (SIS) file
in the project folder. You can deliver the installation file to users for
installation on Symbian devices.
Only installation files signed with a certificate and private key are
allowed to be installed onto Symbian devices. By default, Qt Creator
self-signs the installation file. This self-signing allows you to install
the application on a mobile device but places limits on what you can do
with the installation file, including:
\o Self-signed applications cannot access the more sensitive
capabilities of the mobile device.
\o Security warnings will be displayed when you install the self-signed
application on a mobile device.
\o Self-signed applications cannot be distributed commercially on Ovi
To get around these limitations, you need to go through the Symbian Signed
process. The Symbian Signed organisation manages a public key
infrastructure to provide public authentication of the information in the
application signing certificates. Their security partner can validate your
certificate and give you a Publisher ID. Then, when you sign an
application, other people can be confident that the information in your
certificate is correct and that the application does actually come from you.
There are also options that do not require you to get a Publisher ID. For
more detail about how the Symbian Signed process works, see
{The complete guide to Symbian Signed}.
When you have your own certificate and private key you can specify them in
the \gui{Create sis Package} step in your build configuration.
\image qtcreator-qt4-symbian-signing.png
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