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Doc: publishing Qt Content for Maemo devices on Ovi Store

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applied when UIDs from the trusted range 0x2xxxxxxx are used. For more
information, see \l{}{UID}.
\section1 Publishing Qt Content for Maemo Devices
The applications that you publish on Ovi Store, must meet the testing criteria
listed in
{Maemo 5 Applications: Ovi Store Entry Requirements}.
Make sure that your application passes the following most commonly
failed test cases:
\o Package filename must include the application name and version
number using three digits. For example: myapplication_1_0_1.deb
\o Application files must be installed to the opt folder on the ext3
\o Debian packages must be given the category user/hidden.
\o Application cannot crash or hang during use.
\o The application must handle different memory situations correctly.
You set the application name and installation folder in the
\gui {Run Settings} for the project. For more information, see
\l{Deploying Applications to Maemo Devices}. Qt Creator specifies the correct
category settings by default when it creates the Debian directory and
the necessary files.
You can test the application on Qt Simulator and Maemo Emulator to make
sure that it does not crash or hang and to check how it handles different
memory situations. Before you submit the application to Ovi Publishing, you
must also fully test it on a Maemo device.
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