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\image qmldesigner-set-expression.png "Element properties context menu"
For more information on the JavaScript environment provided by QML, see
\l{}{Integrating JavaScript}.
\l{}{Integrating JavaScript}.
\section2 Setting Anchors and Margins
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For more information about using the Qt Simulator, see the
\l{}{Qt Simulator Manual}.
\l{}{Qt Simulator Manual}.
\section1 Running on Maemo
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Qt Creator automatically generates a wrapper package in the project folder.
\note Ensure that your application complies with the requirements before submitting
the file to Ovi Store.
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\l{}{qmake Variable Reference}.
For more information about the Nokia Smart Installer, see the
\l{}{Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual}.
\l{}{Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian Manual}.
Note: Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian is only available on Windows.
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Each Mobility API has its corresponding value that you have to add
as a value of MOBILITY to use the API. For a list of the APIs and the
corresponding values that you can assign to MOBILITY, see the
\l {}{Quickstart Example}.
\l {}{Quickstart Example}.
\section1 Designing the User Interface
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\l {}{Qt Quick}.
This tutorial describes how to use the Qt Creator to implement the
{states and transitions example application}. The example application displays a
Qt logo that moves between three rectangles on the page when you click them.
......@@ -7799,7 +7800,7 @@
To test the application UI, user interaction with the application, and
functionality that uses the mobility APIs, use the Qt Simulator,
instead. For more information, see the
\l{}{Qt Simulator Manual}.
\l{}{Qt Simulator Manual}.
The Maemo emulator is installed and configured as part of the \QSDK
package. You can also install and configure the MADDE environment and
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