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\page creator-quick-tour.html
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\title Quick Tour
The figure below shows some of the components of Qt Creator in
\gui{Edit} mode.
\title Qt Creator User Interface
\image qtcreator-breakdown.png
When you start Qt Creator, it opens to the \gui Welcome mode, where you can:
\o Open tutorials and example projects
\o View tips and hints on using Qt Creator
\o Create and open projects
\o Send feedback to the development team
\o Open recent sessions and projects
\o Read news from the Qt labs
\o Ask for support
You can use the mode selector to change to another Qt Creator mode.
Qt Creator has been localized into several languages. If the system language
is one of the supported languages, it is automatically selected. To change
the language, select \gui {Tools > Options > Environment} and select a language
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executed, and debugging your applications. To change modes, click the
icons, or use the \l{keyboard-shortcuts}{corresponding keyboard shortcut}.
You can use Qt Creator in the following modes:
\o \gui Welcome mode for opening recent sessions and projects.
\o \gui{\l{Using the Editor}{Edit}} mode for editing project and source files.
\if defined(qtquick)
\o \gui{\l{Developing Application UI}{Design}} mode for designing and developing
application user interfaces.
application user interfaces. This mode is available for UI files (.ui or
\o \gui{\l{Using Qt Designer}{Design}} mode for designing and developing
application user interfaces.
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\o \gui{\l{Debugging}{Debug}} mode for inspecting the state of your program while
\o \gui{\l{Managing Projects}{Projects}} mode for configuring project building and
execution. This mode is available when a project is open.
\o \gui{\l{Getting Help}{Help}} mode for viewing Qt documentation.
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\section1 Browsing Project Contents
The sidebar is available in the \gui Edit and \gui Debug modes.
Use the sidebar to browse files, projects and bookmarks.
\image qtcreator-sidebar.png
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