Commit 79c3c4e5 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Debugger: Remove unused Dumper.Type.field function

Change-Id: Ib7b1576d2b71b0e5f1648b51a4298b44581b1c2e
Reviewed-by: Orgad Shaneh's avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
parent 1af52db3
......@@ -3470,27 +3470,6 @@ class DumperBase:
def target(self):
return self.typeData().ltarget
def field(self, value, name, bitoffset = 0):
#warn('GETTING FIELD %s FOR: %s' % (name,
for f in self.fields(value):
if == name:
ff = copy.copy(f)
if ff.lbitpos is None:
ff.lbitpos = bitoffset
ff.lbitpos += bitoffset
#warn('FOUND: %s' % ff)
return ff
if f.isBaseClass:
#warn('EXAMINING BASE %s' % f.type)
res = f.type.field(name, bitoffset + f.bitpos())
if res is not None:
return res
#warn('FIELD %s NOT FOUND IN %s' % (name, self))
return None
def stripTypedefs(self):
if isinstance(self, self.dumper.Type) and self.code != TypeCodeTypedef:
#warn('NO TYPEDEF: %s' % self)
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