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Add ChangeLog for Qt Creator 2.7

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Qt Creator version 2.7 contains bug fixes and new features.
There is a total of about 1350 changes by 63 individual contributors.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v2.6.2..origin/2.7
* Fixed Qt version in About Qt Creator dialog
* Replaced deprecated Qt 4 functions with cross-version alternatives
* Improved kits setup (QTCREATORBUG-8576, QTCREATORBUG-8081)
* Implemented hiding of Mode tab icons when they become too small
* Introduced general suppression mechanism for repeating messages
* Fixed visual whitespace highlighting
* Implemented closing files with middle click in Open Documents view
* Improved painting performance after changing marks
* Fixed handling of invisible marks (QTCREATORBUG-7884)
* Added editing for bookmark notes (QTCREATORBUG-5572)
* Fixed bookmarks ordering (QTCREATORBUG-7923)
* Fixed re-opening of nested folds
* Fixed finding of block parentheses (QTCREATORBUG-8031)
* Fixed Replace All with regular expressions (QTCREATORBUG-8317)
* Added support to preserve casing in case-insensitive searches
* Added Save as to editors context menu
* Added ability to open links in new split (QTCREATORBUG-8117)
Managing Projects
* Improved opening projects from command line: "qtcreator ." opens a
project found in the directory without explicitly naming it
* Made DeployConfigurations clonable
* Implemented cloning Kits in Build and Run options
* Added display of VCS topic (branch names) in project tree
* Added configuration option for default build directory,
can be set to '.' to force in-source builds by default
* Added option to show hidden files
* Introduced custom compiler settings
* Simplified MSVC setup logic (QTCREATORBUG-8292)
* Added display of elapsed time after building
QMake Projects
* Make command line parser grok more options: -spec/-platform,
-xspec/-xplatform, -t/-template, -tp/-template_prefix, -cache & -nocache
* Improved performance in the .pro parser
* Improved parsing of qdoc errors
* Aligned VPATH handling to actual qmake behavior
* Fixed MinGW-w64 cross-compilation
CMake Projects
* Added Ninja support
* Added code completion for cmake editor
* Fixed .ui code completion for some CMake projects
* Fixed build directory when adding build configurations
QBS Projects
* Implemented initial support for QBS projects
* Made Qt Creator itself compilable with QBS
Generic Projects
* Use MIME types to recognize source files (QTCREATORBUG-5451)
* Completed support for basic Qt 5 data types
* Created new suite of auto tests
* Fixed or improved display for several dozen data types in several
combinations of libraries (Qt, Standard Library, Boost, Eigen,
gcc built-in vector types) and debuggers (GDB, CDB)
* Added dumpers for QStringRef, C99 complex/_Complex
* Implemented gnuplot based display for QVector
* Implemented display in separate window for string-like data
types (QByteArray, std::string, char[], char* etc)
* Adjusted to GDB 7.5 changes
* Removed dependency on QmlJSToolsA
* Added shortcut to add breakpoint by double click on break view
* Made breakpoint markers draggable
* Added logging of exceptions (QTCREATORBUG-8141)
* Added option to use Intel-style disassembly
* Improved color highlighting of locals in memory view
* Made string cutoff value configurable
* Put separate string displays in tab widget (QTCREATORBUG-8344)
* Implemented basic value editing for CDB (QTCREATORBUG-8344)
* Implemented support for displaying images in CDB
* Added framework to wrap plain GDB pretty printers for use in Creator
* Implemented display format changes for multi-selection
C++ Support
* Added GetterSetter quick fix
* Fixed semantic highlighting when multiple editors are visible
* Fixed Find/Rename Macro usage
* Added code completion for instantiation of templates with default argument
* Added C++11 alignof and alignas tokens
* Added support for C++11 brace initializers (QTCREATORBUG-7919 et al)
* Fixed parsing of C++11 noexcept(constant-expression_
* Added support for C++11 ref-qualifiers in function declarators: void
foo() const &; void bar() && and related pointer-to-member declarators
* Added parsing of alias declarations: using Foo = std::vector<int>::iterator
* Added support for C++11 enum classes and opaque enum declarations
* Fixed use of >> in C++11 template arguments
* Added hook for user specified commands after attaching to target
* Added CDB setting to ignore first-chance exceptions (QTCREATORBUG-8141)
* Improved handling of lambda captures (QTCREATORBUG-7968,
* Improved code completion for Qt containers (QTCREATORBUG-8228)
* Added support for -stdlib=.. variants
* Fixed code completion in nested classes when enclosing class is template
* Fixed code completion for operator-> (QTCREATORBUG-629)
* Fixed code completion when casting inside parentheses
* Switched to C++11 parsing in cases of doubt (CMake/Autotools/Generic)
* Fixed constructor parsing in cases with unnamed parameters
* Introduced formatting options for pointers and references
QML/JS Support
* Improved JS Console
* Fixed indentation in if condition and lambda expressions
* Added persistent trie to store imports
* Improved initial kit selection (QTCREATORBUG-8424)
* Added detection of import type from main file (QTCREATORBUG-8358)
* Fixed QmlProjectManager (QTCREATORBUG-8679, QTCREATORBUG-8680)
GLSL Support
* Used zoom factor instead of text size multiplier (QTCREATORBUG-7199)
* Corrected setup of HelpNetworkReply for offline resources
Qt Designer
Qt Quick Designer
* Provided initial support for QML 2
* Fixed imports
* Fixed crash (QTCREATORBUG-8399)
* Built qml2puppet by default for Qt 5
* Added manual test files for Qt Quick 2
* Added QQuickItem to New Class wizard
Version control plugins
* Introduced MergeTool support
* Added timeout to the gerrit query process
* Added support for merge status
* Fixed log encoding
* Reorganized menu (QTCREATORBUG-8363)
* Added gitk launch for current file (QTCREATORBUG-8327)
* Added branch name validation (QTCREATORBUG-8370)
* Added Merge and Rebase (QTCREATORBUG-8367)
* Added auto stash when switching branches (QTCREATORBUG-8417)
* Added Soft Reset to Reset dialog
* Added context actions for cherry-pick and revert
* Marked the plugin as non-experimental
* Created new suite of auto tests
* Improved word movement, jump list, undo/redo
* Improved searching (QTCREATORBUG-7251 et al), including
correct cursor positioning, support for g*, g# commands
* Implemented handling of special key names (<left>, <leader>, ...)
* Improved appearance of command line widget
* Improved display of block text cursor on extra selections
* Fixed map handling in ex mode
* Implemented indentation commands with movement
* Implemented repeat commands in visual mode
* Implemented basic code folding
* Implemented global file marks
* Improved code completion in insert and replace modes
* ... and _a lot_ more. Special thanks to Lukas here.
* Fixed selection edge cases (QTCREATORBUG-5209)
* Fixed Ctrl+Home/End navigation
* Added selection using Shift+LeftClick
* Added combobox to filter examples by Qt version (QTCREATORBUG-8377)
* Added highlighting of examples (QTCREATORBUG-8459)
Platform Specific
* Added crash handler providing a backtrace for debug builds
* Improved UI to handle x64 and amd64 etc toolchains
Remote Linux Support
* Removed dependency on Qt4ProjectManager
* Implemented SSH tunneling as specified in RFC 4254
* Used QtQuick2ApplicationViewer for BB Quick 2 app templates
* Used QML_INSTALL_QML variable for BB Qt 5 app templates
* Added bar-descriptor.xml to new project
* Added templates for Cascades Applications
* Added BlackBerry settings page
* Fixes sysroot path valus on BB10 generated kits
* Set default device host IP for physical device
* Added editor for Bar descriptor file
* Fixed ps output processing for busybox
* Improved local deployment (QTCREATORBUG-8538)
Task List
* Implemented removal of single tasks from task list
* Added keyboard shortcuts for actions
Code Paster
* Added command-line frontend
* Updated Squish tests
* Improved ast2png when parsing declarators
* Created group/world files in SDKtool (QTCREATORBUG-8458)
* Plugin is now disabled by default
Credits for these changes go to:
Aaron McCarthy
Aleksey Sidorov
Alessandro Portale
André Pönitz
André Hartmann
Andreas Holzammer
Aurindam Jana
BogDan Vatra
Caroline Chao
Christian A. Reiter
Christian Kamm
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
Daniel Teske
David Schulz
Debao Zhang
Eike Ziller
El Mehdi Fekari
Erik Verbruggen
Eskil Abrahamsen
Fawzi Mohamed
Francois Ferrand
Friedemann Kleint
Hüseyin Kozan
Jarek Kobus
Jens Bache-Wiig
Jörg Bornemann
J-P Nurmi
Kai Köhne
Knut Petter Svendsen
Lukas Holecek
Marcel Krems
Marco Bubke
Marcus Folkesson
Mathias Hasselmann
Mehdi Fekari
Michael Brüning
Mitch Curtis
Montel Laurent
Nikolai Kosjar
Orgad Shaneh
Oswald Buddenhagen
Petar Perisin
Peter Kümmel
Przemyslaw Gorszkowski
Rafael Roquetto
Ray Donnelly
Robert Loehning
Ryan May
Sergey Belyashov
Sergey Shambir
Shawn Rutledge
Steven Ceuppens
Tasuku Suzuki
Theo J.A. de Vries
Thiago Macieira
Thomas Hartmann
Thorbjørn Lindeijer
Tobias Hunger
Tobias Nätterlund
Tom DeBlauwe
Vasiliy Sorokin
Yuchen Deng
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