Commit 7dad30f1 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning Committed by Tim Jenssen

QmlJS.PropertyReader: Remove unused variable

Change-Id: I4b90ca969a911436057debfa7dc38918b89c8fb0
Reviewed-by: Tim Jenssen's avatarTim Jenssen <>
parent f6109b74
......@@ -200,9 +200,6 @@ QLinearGradient PropertyReader::parseGradient(const QString &propertyName, bool
if (UiObjectBinding* objectBinding = cast<UiObjectBinding *>(member)) {
UiObjectInitializer *initializer = objectBinding->initializer;
const QString astValue = cleanupSemicolon(textAt(m_doc,
const QString objectPropertyName = objectBinding->qualifiedId->name.toString();
const QStringRef typeName = objectBinding->qualifiedTypeNameId->name;
if (objectPropertyName == propertyName && typeName.contains(QLatin1String("Gradient"))) {
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