Commit 823fafc1 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Improve verification of git clone log

Change-Id: I7f1ae5f9b483a97266358d71c545b157e743e853
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 08eaa920
......@@ -33,20 +33,22 @@ cloneUrl = ""
cloneDir = "myCloneOfJom"
def verifyCloneLog(targetDir, canceled):
# Expect fails because of QTCREATORBUG-10531
cloneLog = waitForObject(":Git Repository Clone.logPlainTextEdit_QPlainTextEdit")
finish = findObject(":Git Repository Clone.Finish_QPushButton")
waitFor("canceled or finish.enabled", 30000)
if canceled:
summary = "Failed."
test.verify(not "Stopping..." in str(cloneLog.plainText),
cloneLog = str(waitForObject(":Git Repository Clone.logPlainTextEdit_QPlainTextEdit").plainText)
# test for QTCREATORBUG-10112
test.xcompare(cloneLog.count("remote: Counting objects:"), 1)
test.xcompare(cloneLog.count("remote: Finding sources:"), 1)
test.xcompare(cloneLog.count("Receiving objects:"), 1)
test.xcompare(cloneLog.count("Resolving deltas:"), 1)
test.verify(not "Stopping..." in cloneLog,
"Searching for 'Stopping...' in clone log")
test.verify(("'" + cloneDir + "'..." in str(cloneLog.plainText)),
test.verify(("'" + cloneDir + "'..." in cloneLog),
"Searching for clone directory in clone log")
summary = "Succeeded."
# cloneLog.plainText holds escape as character which makes QDom fail while printing the result
# removing these for letting Jenkins continue execute the test suite
resultLabel = findObject(":Git Repository Clone.Result._QLabel")
test.verify(waitFor('str(resultLabel.text) == summary', 3000),
"Verifying expected result (%s)" % summary)
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